Why choose Qura Property

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

At Qura Property we are committed only to property management and spend our time focused on your investment and how to generate you more income, through proactive measures rather than being reactive.

We understand the importance of property presentation to attract a high quality tenant, keeping our finger on the pulse and providing advice to lease your property in a timely manner and cut down on vacancy.


We know the importance of timely rental payments and provide open communication to ensure payments are made on time. We work on preventative maintenance to reduce extensive and expensive repairs being carried out.


We aren't afraid to negotiate and ensure lease renewals are carried out in a timely manner to ensure you are prepared for the need to re-lease your property, or we have secured a new lease for you.

We are focused on getting the right result, understanding legislation and believe in constant training to keep on top of the changes in the market, legislation and demographic we deal with daily.


We are the team that will guide you through the process of increasing your property portfolio and net wealth.

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